Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to read all of our Warnings
& Disclaimers
 before purchasing tickets.

Where to purchase tickets?
To keep crowds small and lines short, Backwoods Terror Ranch tickets are sold in time slots. To do this you must buy your tickets in advance on this website. Click the BUY NOW! link on this page and purchase tickets for the time you want to attend. Arrive 15 minutes before your entry time. If your general admission ticket you will receive one red and one white ticket for the event. If you are a VIP admission ticket you will receive a lanyard for the event.  You will be screaming shortly after you arrive! Note: Tickets are non-refundable, so make sure to make a note of the time slot for entry.

Ticket Cost
$25 for General admission and $35 for VIP. VIP includes: Premier  Parking, Front of the line access, 10% gift voucher, and a picture of the Delamortes

Days and Hours of Operation?
The Backwoods Terror Ranch is open Friday and Saturday nights from the last Saturday in September to Halloween night 7pm-midnight. Bonus nights include October 21, 27, and 28!

What is the first day for Backwoods Terror Ranch?
The Backwoods Terror Ranch  grand opening is Friday, September 24th, 2021 at 7pm sharp. Get you tickets now!

Items not allowed on Premises:
No food or drinks of any kind may be brought onto the Backwoods Terror Ranch property.  Bringing alcohol or firearms on the property is grounds for immediate removal from the premises, if not arrest. Fayetteville City Police Department and security will be strictly enforcing this rule and patrons will be metal detected at the entry gate for your security.
All bags and containers will be searched at entry, so just leave them in the car.
Please leave your pets at home. They do not deal well with the chaos that is Backwoods Terror Ranch.

Is Backwoods Terror Ranch Wheelchair accessible?
The attractions at the Backwoods Terror Ranch are accessible to everyone, however, be aware that there are outside sections to the experience and walking paths are gravel.

Can the actors touch you?
It is very possible that you might get touched by an actor inside one of the attractions at the Backwoods Terror Ranch, due to the confined spaces and low lighting levels. Actors WILL NOT intentionally touch you.

How old do you have to be to attend Backwoods Terror Ranch?
Backwoods Terror Ranch is a high fright, adult attraction and is not recommended for children under 13. There is no child’s price, and the actors will not hold back scares for young children, so parents beware. You know your child and, please decide before you buy a ticket if your child can handle the experience. There will be no refunds for anyone too afraid to enter the attractions. You paid us to scare you. If we make you too afraid to enter, then job well done.

What if it rains?
The attractions at the Backwoods Terror Ranch are indoor/outdoor, and the attractions will be open and operating rain or shine. If severe weather is in the forecast and we close the property for your safety, the website and social media  pages will inform guests, and a make-up night will be made available for guests.

What if I get scared while going through the Haunted Houses?
There are emergency exits located throughout the Haunted Houses. If you are too scared to continue, just scream DelRay, DelRay at the top of your lungs and someone will come to get you. Remember there are no refunds for us doing our job too well.

Is there Security at the Backwoods Terror Ranch?
WE ARE WATCHING… ALWAYS WATCHING! We will have the Fayetteville Police Department, and personal security to help ensure the safety of our guests and actors. Troublemakers and anyone breaking the rules will be removed from the property with no refund.

Is Smoking allowed?
By order of the Fire Marshall, anyone smoking in the haunted houses will be removed from the attraction and from the property with no refund. Designated smoking areas will be provided and guests can only smoke in these areas.

Can we take photos/videos?
There will be many photo opportunities on the property and encourage photos and selfies, however, any use of cameras, video, flashlights, or cell phones while inside the attractions ruins the experience for you and others in the haunted houses and use of any of the above are grounds for immediate removal from the property with no refund.

When is the best time to come?
Come early in the season for less crowds and shorter lines. As the popularity of the Backwoods Terror Ranch grows, the attendance will increase, and more people means lines at concessions and toilets. Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to your timed entry, so you will be on site when your time slot opens. Tickets are only available online, so be sure to buy your tickets before you arrive on site.

Pregnant, Heart Conditions, Back Problems, Seizures or Mental Disorders?
You should consult your physician before entering ANY Haunted Attraction. If you have any serious medical conditions, we advise you not to enter. Seriously. People fall down, things jump out at you, your friends may run over you, and yes – we do use fog and strobe lights. You will have to navigate around some pretty terrifying and treacherous scenes. So, if you have conditions that would make you prone to injury, please reconsider attending the Backwoods Terror Ranch. By using a purchased ticket to enter the Backwoods Terror Ranch property, you are accepting responsibility for any injury, and understanding the Warnings & Disclaimers related to entering the event. Enter at your own risk.

What is the last day for Backwoods Terror Ranch?
The last chance to get the hell scared out of you at the Backwoods Terror Ranch is October 31st, 2021, please make plans to attend before that date.

Do you offer a military discount?
We will offer a $5 voucher for every military ID that can be used towards concessions or items in our gift shop.